Welcome to the Flat Classroom® Workshop 2013

Julie Lindsay, co-founder and Director of Flat Classroom, award winning global collaborative projects, and Flat Classroom Conference and Live Events Inc., unique collaborative live events for teachers and students, announces the June 20 & 21, 2-day 'Flat Classroom Workshop - Seven Steps to Global Collaboration'.Julie Head from 7.jpg

Educators who want to transform their learning and embrace global collaboration in their curriculum are invited to join Julie for a unique professional development experience at International School of the Americas in San Antonio, Texas.

Apply Now! Places are limited. This is a rare opportunity to work in the USA with global educator, innovator and leader and one of the co-founders of Flat Classroom, Julie Lindsay(who is based in Australia), in a carefully designed collaborative environment.

Introducing Julie Lindsay

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, for the past 15 years Julie taught and led the use of technology in schools in Zambia, Kuwait, Bangladesh, Qatar, and China. She is now based in Australia as a consultant, presenter and workshop leader and is currently Director of Learning Confluence, Director and co-founder of Flat Classroom® and Global Collaboration Consultant for THINK Global School. She is also co-author of Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds: Move to Global Collaboration One Step at a Time, Pearson 2012.

Julie is adept at designing and customizing learning experiences for all ages, including cutting edge events such as the ground-breaking Flat Classroom Conference that include both students and educators together. She has delivered workshops and organised conferences in various parts of the world. She is an ADE (Apple Distinguished Educator), and currently an ISTE Ambassador and ISTE International Representative on the Board of Directors, Member of Horizon Report Board of Advisers 2008-2013. She was a member of the Leadership team for both the Learning 2.012 Conference in Beijing 2012 and the Global Education Conference 2010-12. This year Julie started her EdD with the University of Southern Queensland with a focus on effective pedagogy for collaboration.

Some background on Flat Classroom

The first 'Flat Classroom Project 2006' was created that connected classrooms in Dhaka, Bangladesh (Julie) and Camilla, Georgia, USA (Vicki Davis, co-founder). Since then we have developed a series of global collaborative projects including Digiteen Project, Digitween Project, Net Generation Education Project, A Week in the Life Project, K-2 Building Bridges to Tomorrow, and Eracism, most of which run 2 times per year and have included 1000's of students from over 30 countries, cultures, backgrounds and geographic locations. Amongst others, we are featured in the latest edition of Friedman's "The World is Flat", as well as Tapscott's "Grown Up Digital' and Bonk's " The World is Open". We also run an accredited Flat Classroom Certified Teacher course.

Learn more about Flat Classroom Projects, and read what participants are saying about our projects and workshops, and review the 'Meet the Flat Classroom' material.
Download the Flat Classroom Brochure (updated January 2013)